Kaufman Fire Rescue

The Kaufman Fire Rescue runs out of one house located at 301 Madison Street. There are paid firefighters/EMT's on shift 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Kaufman Fire Rescue also has certified fire inspectors to provide fire safety inspections to businesses and residences of the City of Kaufman. 

The current service area is 110 square miles and the department responds annually to approximately 1500 calls for service per year.

Kaufman Fire Rescue continues its mission to protect the lives and property of its citizens.

Kaufman Fire Department History


The history of Kaufman Fire Department dates back to 1886 when a fire 
started on the southwest corner of the downtown square in H.D. 
Lindsey Grocery Store. The fire engulfed four other buildings before  a group of citizens gathered with buckets to extinguish the fire. A fire company was organized within a few days after the fire. 
Officers were elected and 24 firemen enrolled. A full set of 
buckets, hooks and ladders were soon purchased.
Years later, two hose carts were obtained and pulled to the fire, 
hoses were hooked to hydrants and laid out by hand.

1916 - the department was penalized because all of the equipment was horse drawn and the department was all volunteer.                                                                                                                         

1924 - a new American La France fire engine was delivered with 
solid rubber tires. There was also a Brockway engine on hand. No 
water was carried on either engine.
The department voted to put $100 down on a new alarm siren. Records 
show 12 fire calls were received in 1923; 19 in 1924; 16 in 1925, 14 in 1926.

1926                                                                                                                                                                Smith Motor burned. It was a two-story brick building with  wooden floors. The loss was reported at $18,000 for building and  $17,000 for the contents.
Two fire-policemen were appointed in 1926 from the membership with  the authority to enforce the fire ordinances during times of fires.  The department voted in July 1926 to fix the fire bell in case the  electricity was off.
The department used two 1924-model engines until the 1940s.

 In 1948 a military surplus duplex engine was obtained from a military base. 

1948 - the cotton compress burned and Kaufman firemen 
fought the fire for several days.


 The department members built a fire truck to respond to calls in the city and county. It had a 250 gpm pump and 400 gallon water tank it  was used up until the 1980s.During this time the department’s fleet consisted of the home built fire  truck, 1948 surplus army fire unit and a 1950s model Ford 500 gpm pumper.




The city purchased a Boardman 1,000 gpm  pumper truck and it was used until 1990

1980s                                                                                                                          Pagers were purchased to alert  the firefighters and the old sirens were turned over for tornado alerts.


The city purchased a new 1, 000 gpm American La France engine to replace the 1950s model  500 gpm pumper along with also  replacing the military unit that no  longer meet insurance regulations because they could not meet pump test requirements.


 A new Quality 1250 gpm Engine was purchased to replace the 1982 Boardman pumper that was having severe mechanical problems. Due to increasing calls within rural areas and a lack of fire hydrants, the department purchased a 1993 1600-gallon KME tanker that had a 750 gpm pump. 

2006 - After a large downtown fire occurred the department added a 75ft quint to the fleet. This enable the department to use one truck for two functions, a ladder and an engine.

2014 - The department found the need for a multi purpose vehicle to respond to out of city incidents. This would include, but not limits to, responding to residential and or commercial fires, wild land fires, and vehicle crashes. The department then purchased an engine/rescue urban interface vehicle to handle these type of incidents in the county area.

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